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2024 Bills to Support and Oppose in the KY Legislature

Kentuckians for Freedom

Legislation Recommendations Summary

 Click on the links for more information about each bill

Kentucky Legislative Message Line to Call: 1-800-372-7181

Voter Voice System for emailing your legislator:



  • House Bill 44 (Voter roll election integrity bill)

  • House Bill 49 and Senate Bill 239 (The Healthcare Heroes Recruitment and Retention Act, which is a physician right of conscience bill)

  • House Bill 177 (No mandatory Covid19 vaccines for kids)

  • House Bill 191 (School Board enforcement of no Erotic Literature in Public Schools)

  • House Bill 304 (School Accountability and Parental Rights Bill)

  • House Bill 346 (Baby Olivia Act)

  • Senate Bill 6 (No mandatory education meetings with divisive concepts; more protections for students for graduating; etc.)

  • Senate Bill 80 (Removal of credit cards and debit cards as legit ID to vote)

  • School choice for families

  • Elimination of property taxes for everyone, as a redesign of the tax code


Support or Amend:


  • House Bill 199 (Freestanding Birthing Center Bill that we like except for the certificate of need law restriction)


In the Middle:

  • House Bill 10 (Momnibus Bill that the ACLU, the Family Foundation, and Kentucky Right to Life support; pro-life but not pro-liberty; possibly expensive; and has some features that nonprofits could do rather than government)


Amend or Oppose:

  • House Bill 275 (Education Omnibus Bill that has good intentions behind most of it but sets a regulatory precedent and has too many rules for its certified private school framework)



  • Senate Bill 203 (the Horizons Act)

  • Senate Bill 155 (Uniform Commercial Code Central Bank Digital Currency Bill)

  • Senate Bill 99 (Legalization of abortion in cases of rape and incest)

  • House Bill 428 (Forcing insurance companies to cover elective abortions)

  • House Bill 429 (Legalization of assisting and financing Kentuckians to procure abortion procedures in other states without any records being sent to the government)

  • House Bill 450 (Age Verification for Social Media etc.: the bill is poor strategy even though the intention to keep kids safe online is good)

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