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Our Mission

Our Core Values

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    What We Do   

The Rest of the News
♦ YouTube ♦ TV ♦ Radio ♦

Tune in to watch our show!
It's all the news you should know but won't find on most stations.
The host is Dr. Frank G. Simon, M.D.

Topics and co-hosts change weekly.

♦ Legislation ♦ Rallies ♦

We conduct various protests to raise awareness or drum up support, as well as try to pass bills in the KY state legislature.

♦ Life ♦ Liberty ♦

We have helped in promoting the pro-life movement in Kentucky as well as student political and religious liberty, and we continue to promote a low-tax agenda in Frankfort.

What We Support


10 Principles

Pro-Life: Every stage of life matters...

Pro-Limited Government: Rights Reserved for States

Pro-2nd Amendment: Citizen's Right to Bear Arms

Pro-Traditional Marriage: One Man-One Woman



We are a small group of concerned citizens that have been publishing a presidential newsletter to inform Americans about main political issues since the 2008 Presidential election.


Tea Party of Kentucky

PO Box 8089

Louisville, KY 40257

Tel: (502)895-5025

Kentuckians for Freedom

PO Box 6116
Louisville, KY 40206-0116


Let us know your question. We'd love to hear from you!  Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Note: if the contact form below does not work or you do not hear back from us within two business days, you can email us directly at

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