Our Legislative Accomplishments

Kentucky Religious and Political Liberty Law (SB17) (2017)

Click on the image below for a link to download a summary of this bill that passed and was signed by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

No Public Funding for Abortion from Kentucky Government (2017)

Along with the Kentucky Right to Life Association, we opposed the government funding of abortion and Planned Parenthood by the Kentucky government.

SB8 No Public Funding of Abortion.png

We also sent out emails to thousands of people to get them to encourage President Trump and Congress to confirm new Supreme Court justices.

Constitutional Carry (2019 for Kentucky)

We rejoice in the passage of Constitutional Carry legislation in Kentucky. As the map below depicts, as of June 2021, 21 states have some form of Constitutional Carry legislation in place, Texas being the most recent of those. The trend in getting more states to adopt such legislation has been a big win for the right to keep and bear arms.

Constitutional Carry Map June 2021.png

Compare that map of 2021 to 1986, when rural Democrat-led Vermont was the only state with Constitutional Carry and when there were only eight states with "Shall Issue" legislation in place.

Constitutional Carry Map 1986.png