Boost Your Immune System

Immune system infographic.jpg

All of these are beneficial. Use what you have. You don't have to do them all.

Vitamins daily especially Omegas
Vitamin C 1000-5000 mg
vitamin D3 5,000 IU
Zinc 30mg (can do this 1-2x’s/day)
Melatonin has been shown to be helpful (3-5 mg at night w/vit D3)
Quercetin (citrus helps too!)
Tonic Water
Gelsemium homeopathy

Heal gut if you have any issues there. 60-80% of our immune system starts in the gut.

If you have gut issues:
Digestive enzymes
Decrease inflammatory foods (Dairy, Gluten, Sugar)

Early Treatment Is ImpArative!

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