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Call Your KY State Legislator to Support SB 6 (2024)

Support KY Senate Bill 6 in 2024

Call your Kentucky state legislator to support the bill!

Message Line: 1-800-372-7181

Feel free to watch this video on rumble about the bill.

What results would Senate Bill 6 bring?


  • Kentucky’s government-run universities shall not discriminate against or penalize any student or university employee for refusing to endorse or believe in divisive concepts

  • Kentucky’s government-run universities shall not require students and university employees to endorse any particular political viewpoints in order to get a job or graduate

  • Kentucky’s government-run universities shall not conduct any mandatory training sessions of students or employees, with any of the divisive concepts

What qualifies as “divisive concepts” in the bill?


  • Belief that an individual, by virtue of race or gender, is inherently privileged or oppressive

  • Belief that an individual’s race or gender determines that person’s moral character

  • Belief that Kentucky or the USA is “fundamentally or irredeemably racist or sexist”

  • Belief that all Americans are not created equal and not worthy of equal protection under the law

  • Belief that we should overthrow the government

  • Race and gender stereotyping

  • Race and gender scapegoating

This bill is a win for student and employee liberty at our government-run (a.k.a., "public") universities, and so we support it and urge you to contact your state legislator to support it also.

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