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Urge Your KY Legislature to PASS the Baby Olivia Act (HB346)

Support the Baby Olivia Act: HB346

Call your Kentucky state legislator to vote yes on this bill!

Message Line: 1-800-372-7181

What Would the Baby Olivia Act (HB346) Do?

  • Empowers the Attorney General to bring a civil action to compel a government school to comply with the Baby Olivia Act

  • Keeps the abstinence-oriented sex education curriculum in place

  • Establishes a health curriculum for 6th graders or older about human growth and development

    • That curriculum would include a high-definition ultrasound video at least 3-minutes-long that shows the development of the brain, heart, and genitalia in early fetal development

    • It would also include a computer-generated rendering or animation showing the process of fertilization of and the stages of fetal development in the womb

Pro-lifers like this bill because evidence suggests that women who see the ultrasounds of their own babies are more likely to desire to keep those babies rather than to abort them. By showing students the ultrasounds earlier in life, those pro-lifers hope to promote a culture of life even more in the next generation.

Matt Singleton and Zack Kendall discuss that piece of legislation in our video here.


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