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Call Your Legislator to Support HB44

Updated: Feb 7

Support HB 44 Election Integrity Bill

Call your Kentucky state legislator to support this election security bill!

Message Line: 1-800-372-7181

Feel free to watch our video here on that legislation!

What would happen if House Bill 44 passes?

  1. To help ensure dead people do not remain on our voter rolls, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services shall provide KY death records to the State Board of Elections by February each year

  2. Circuit clerks each month will prepare to the Administrative Office of the Courts a list of persons excused from jury duty on account of not being a U.S. citizen

  3. The Administrative Office of the Courts shall send that list to the Attorney General and State Board of Elections so that the state government knows that those non-citizens should not be on the voter rolls

  4. The Secretary of State and State Board of Elections shall issue a “comprehensive activity report regarding voter registration records clean up” by July 1st each year, to the Legislative Research Commission and state legislature’s election committee

  5. Citizens shall have access to the activity report at the county clerk’s office and online at the Secretary of State or Board of Election website and be able to report to the state government about voter roll discrepancies on that site

The activity report shall include:

  • Voters registered at business addresses

  • Voters registered at vacant lots

  • Locations where high numbers of voters are reportedly living in a single-family home address (which may suggest a need to update address records or remove dead voters)

  • Potential duplicate registration records that differ in minor details or due to spelling mistakes

  • The quantity of voter eligibility changes regarding incarceration, change of legal address, and voter death records

  • Offers for the use of a national voter registration clearinghouse system and how much money they cost to run

This legislation if passed will go a long way to helping us clean up the voter rolls in Kentucky. We therefore encourage you to support the bill by contacting your state legislator and urging them to vote for HB44 in 2024!

"I bought my house in 2015," Kentucky State Representative Jason Nemes stated. "The guy I bought my house from moved out of state. The guy I bought my house from is still registered to vote at my house. Our voter rolls are still a joke." HB44 would help us to clean up those voter rolls.

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