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Urge Your Legislator to Pass House Bill 304 for School Accountability

Support House Bill 304 for School Accountability

Call your Kentucky state legislator to support this parental rights bill!

Message Line: 1-800-372-7181

What would happen if House Bill 304 passes?

  • Government schools are to notify parents of students within two business days if any of the following occur:

    • The school changes its health services, mental health services, or family planning policy

    • The school personnel make a referral for the student to receive health services or mental health services

    • The school becomes aware of the student becoming physically injured while under school employee supervision

    • The school becomes aware of the student being harassed at school

    • The school becomes aware of ongoing reduction in student academic performance

    • The student requests or receives health services related to sexual conduct, sexual orientation, or sexual identity

    • The school becomes aware of a school employee engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with a student

  • The Kentucky Board of Elections shall not recommend to government schools that those schools refuse to disclose student information from their parents unless “a reasonably prudent person would believe, based on previous conduct and history, that the disclosure would result in the child becoming a dependent child or an abused or neglected child”

  • Parents may provide written notice to schools in order to exclude their children from instruction on undesired topics that conflict against the family’s religious and or ethical beliefs

  • School teachers are not required to use the “preferred pronouns” of students if those pronouns conflict with the biological gender of those students

  • School teachers may participate in student-initiated, student-led prayer events

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