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Say NO to Smart Meters!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023



video credit to @brklynmd3 for sharing this information

While the message in this video was recorded almost 10 years ago, it is still a relevant message that needs to be shared. And it is something that you have the power to do to preserve one aspect of your freedom. So TAKE ACTION!

You have probably heard President Biden wants to take away your right to own a gas powered car, a gas powered stove, and the World Economic Forum has told you that "you will own nothing and be happy". You may also have seen a recent documentary by Dinesh D'Souza called "Police State". The documentary brings up the question of who is the government really going after? The criminals? or you? The smart meter is just one piece of the puzzle that is being put together to control you. Do you know if you already have a smart meter on your property? I know of someone in Louisville who was approached by LG&E to install a smart meter just the other day, so the time to act is now!


Send notice to your power company.

Personalize the template to include your relevant information. Make 3 original copies, have them notarized. Send certified mail and keep copies for your records.

Template- notice of no consent to trespass and surveillance, notice of liability
._smart me
Download _SMART ME • 18KB


Click on image to "save as" and share on your social media channels.

Click on image to "save as" and share on your social media channels.

EDIT: Opt out in Kentucky by going to their website

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