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"It's Time To Think About The Unthinkable"

by Matt Singleton

Recently, I was bombarded by a series of attack ads. The biggest one was not stopping at Danial Cameron but rather, hit at heart of our morals and our justice system.

The idea that victims of rape ought to slaughter children is not coherent.

This is not justice. It is vengeance—worse. it is vengeance to a third party.

This is a felonious philosophy. Any crime can be justified because someone has been through pain.

The baby is innocent and committed no crime. Why must it atone for the sins of the father? Isn’t the baby also a victim of the father automatically?

It is ironic that the same Democrats who believe this line of reasoning would not dream of executing the rapist. But they make the baby the scapegoat. Biblically, the Bible allows capital punishment for rape.*

You really have to presuppose the baby is not human to even start the conversation. But they don’t want a conversation.

The science shows that human babies are human.**

Recently, I got the honor to meet Rebecca Keissling who was the child of a rape victim who had failed to abort her. She has the shocking duty in her life to tell people that she indeed has the right to exist.

But the truth is that a person in this position is not prepared to take a position. Rape and incest are extremely traumatic experiences. Studies show that victim of rape is more likely to contemplate suicide.*** Other studies show that women post abortion are more likely to commit suicide.**** That’s especially concerning, since women have a higher suicide rate men regardless.*****

Raising a child can be a motivation for living. It may not seem this way at the time, but, after some thought, a mother can recognize that her own flesh and blood is a blessing.

But if not, there still are other options. The child can bring joy to another family. The rapist should not be allowed custody of the child, but many rapists would be happy to have their offspring aborted, so they can be off the hook in regards to child support.

Friends, two wrongs don’t make a right; but love can cover a multitude of sins. * genesis 34:3-25

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