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It's Time to Stop Clowning Around

Political campaigns are like the funhouse of Heaven and Hell. Our highest ideal and our deepest rejections appear in a distorted funhouse mirror.

Watching the recent debate** between Daniel Cameron and Andy Beshear reminded me of the funhouse. The media asked the questions that concern the left-wing agenda but with no recognition of the right-wing concerns. Daniel Cameron, though dignified, had to step over a lot of grassroots concerns to appeal to the left-leaning forum.

Andy was filled with moral audacity in light of the fact that he would not be held accountable.

Andy attacked Cameron on education, saying that they wanted to steal money from the public schools. But the theft is on the left. Elderly people who are childless are giving up their limited salaries for children that are not theirs. They pay property taxes to fund the public schools too.

He claimed that school choice is unconstitutional. This was not the case in the first round of the movement. Charter schools are generally public schools, with an alternative model. They can be more friendly to job skills. It is simply non-union, and that is where they are offended.

Beshear feigned concern that the school choice initiative was unconstitutional. To find the irony, just check out how many lawsuits have been won against Andy for breaking with the constitution.

Meanwhile, public schools have been breaking the bias neutrality clause rather freely, making metaphysical decisions for your child's belief system instead of educating children with universal truths. Furthermore, in Louisville, JCPS during at least one recent year had mentally disabled children who outscored African American children in the west end of the city.

Why would Democrat-dominated areas score so low in math? Does Andy Beshear want them to grow up so ignorant of mathematics that the leftist mathematics makes sense?

Seriously, anybody could figure out that the economy was going to spiral. The state auditor revealed that during the pandemic, the government ignored 400,000 Kentuckians when the unemployment system crashed.

Borrowing massive amounts of money may help the economy in the short run. On the federal level, our problem is that the money comes from an in-debt government, and the Federal Reserve produces that money out of thin air. When more money is created, the value of the money goes down. That’s inflation.

That inflation and higher energy prices have hurt our restaurants. I drive down the street in Jefferson County, seeing restaurants and stores that were around for years that recently closed, such as Frisch's Big Boy on Dixie Highway (still unoccupied) and Denny’s on Dutchmans Lane (which is now a parking lot).

At the end of the day, I think about the infamous “trans” photo*** of Andy posing with a pro-trans group.

Honestly, these men do not appear like women. They look more like clowns.

I was one of many kids that felt a little scared of clowns. They are supposed to be happy and smiling, but something looks like they are actually quite dangerous.

Andy Beshear can come off happy and smiling. But below the surface is something quite scary and threatening. During this governor's race, it is time that we stop “clowning around.” The Governor’s race is no laughing matter.


** The cited debate between Daniel Cameron and Andy Beshear:

*** The photo of Andy Beshear and the pro-trans group.

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