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Faith, Family and Freedom Day

Dr. Frank G. Simon invites YOU to attend an important rally on

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

11: 00 a.m. front steps of the

State Capitol in Frankfort

State majority Leaders in the Senate and House do not seem to want to bring up bills that are controversial to vote on, but are essential to preserving God's precepts and freedom here in the Commonwealth.

Below is an important message from Kent Ostrander,

our friend at the Family Foundation:


I wanted to let you know about an important “Faith, Family and Freedom Rally” that is planned for 11:00 AM Feb. 15 on the front steps of the Capitol in Frankfort.

Key speakers include Attorney General Daniel Cameron, KBC Executive Director Todd Gray, Pastor Jeff Fugate and King of Kings Radio Director, Dr. David Carr.

Other speakers include the bill sponsors (legislators) of key bills, such as: “Save Women’s Sports,” “Church is Essential,” “The Parent’s Rights Protection Act,” and the pro-life omnibus bill, “Humanity in Healthcare Act.” (And other bills will be addressed.)

Please forward this email to pastors and “all” your Kentucky friends so that the Body of Christ can come together across denominational lines and be salt and light in our state Capital. We simply want to give strong and encouraging support to legislators who have to face political hostility, hostility in the media, and spiritual hostility every day in Frankfort.

May God bless you and may God bless ALL who are able and willing to come to Frankfort.


Retiring Executive Director

The Family Foundation

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