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Call Your Legislator to Oppose SB99

Call Your Legislator to Oppose SB99

The Kentucky Right to Life is opposing SB99, which would expand the exceptions permitted for legal abortion procedures in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. That bill would add both the rape and incest exceptions. Feel free to watch our video about that legislation here.

In light of the Kentucky Right to Life opposing that legislation, we are also urging our supporters to call their state legislators at 1-800-372-7181 to oppose that legislation also.

We recognize that this is a sensitive topic and that the pro-life community itself is divided on the rape exception to permit abortion. We also recognize that when women choose life, their children are often thankful for it, and that the value of a fetus as a human life in the womb doesn't change due to the circumstances in which that fetus was conceived. Ideally, we would "love them both" (the pregnant woman and her baby) and strive to prepare them for success later in life.

While an exception to permit abortion in the case of incest may roll off the tongue, the rationale behind it is of the same sort as the rationale behind permitting abortion in cases of fetal deformity or expected mental illness like Downs Syndrome. Just as many prolifers find that rationale to be unconvincing for Downs Syndrome, so also they find it unconvincing for the fetal genetic issues that can come for an offspring of incest.

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