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Kentucky Assembly

Some Videos to help educate on the subject of "We the People"

Do your own research.

We are not endorsing any of the commentary shared here or the affiliations they may have.

Short overview of the state of our nation.

The reference videos below help explain the lies we have been living under and how we can unlearn the lies.

This understanding will help you decide
how to stand up for Truth.

Red Beckman Series

1. We The People Are Above The Government

2. Solution To Take Back America For The People

3. Grand Jury - IRS - Voluntary Compliance

4. Democracy vs. Republic

5. Constitutional Republic Explained

6. Trust In Government Betrayed

7. Truth About Grand Juries

8. IRS Unconstitutional Under The Executive Branch

9. Grand Jury & Trial Jury Powers

11. Grand Jury & Jury Nullification

12. 16th Amendment - The Law That Never Was

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Maritime Admiralty Law

An Education of the use of words and how they are being used against you. As told by Jordan Maxwell.

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Why Were Birth Certificates Created

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birth certificate.png

What is the Corporate Version of Yourself Worth?

Calculate here by entering the number on your birth certificate. This video tells you why this is significant.

Birth Cert Value_KY Assembly.jpg

The Strawman Explained

How your Birth Certificate is turned into a Government Bond so you can be sold to Central Banks.

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Banks. Security frauds. Foreclosures.

While this is not specific to the United States, the concepts are still relevant.

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David Straight playlist

While this man's character has been called into question, we have no idea if he is legit. The point is he outlines concepts pretty well. Subjects such as learning jurisdiction, the real meaning of words, and a whole host of other things are explained here. There are hours of information here. Some is repetitive, but may give you the context you need to understand the concepts. As always research for yourself.

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Concept of Liability

Once you understand the law you can use it to your advantage.

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Understanding Birth Certificates

Short overview.

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Karl Lentz

Common Law through the lense of another experience.

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Restoring American Sovereignty w/ Reba Sherrill

Reba Sherrill joins us tonight for a discussion about an ongoing plan to restore American Sovereignty that until this moment, has garnered little attention. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100, placing the United States under Lieber Code and therefore, Martial Law. He was assassinated in 1865 before taking us back under Republican rule. Not long after the Act of 1871 created the UNITED STATES corporation and our fictitious government that still exists today. Reba takes us through the true history of the United States of America and the path to restore our nation.

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